Having problems finding the location of Covilhã?

Don’t worry! We help you!


If you arrive to Portugal by plane, more specifically in LISBON, there are two ways to get to Covilhã: 

  • Train: 

There are two train stations where you can take the train

a) Santa Apolónia Station (the first departure station of all trains that leave from Lisbon);    

b) Oriente Station




If you book the ticket 5 days before, you have 40% discount or 25% discount if you have less than 26 years old.

In this website you can check the departure timetable:


  • Bus:

There is a bus station called Sete Rios where you can catch it. You have 15% discount if you have less than 30 years old.

Here is the website where you can check out the departure timetable:



At the airport there are taxis which can take you to this stations mentioned or, if you prefer, you can catch the metro or aerobus.

On the metro map below is indicated where the bus and train stations are.



As you can see, the train stations are marked in orange and the bus station in purple (Jardim Zoológico).




If you arrive to Portugal by plane, more specifically in PORTO, the transport you must use is the bus

You can see the timetable of bus departures from this city by the website referred above (Bus Website)

At the airport you can catch the metro to Trindade Station in purple line (or Line E), and change to the yellow line (Line D) and go to São Bento Station. There you will have to walk a bit to Batalha

You can also take a taxi. 



Bus station address:

Rua (Street) Alexandre Herculano 366

4000-053 Porto




If leave from MADRID… (We don’t advise)

You can arrive to Covilhã by bus or train. The last station on both transports is Guarda city so, you’ll have to catch a bus which destination is Covilhã. The train station is not next to bus station. We advise you to take a taxi to bring you to bus station. 

Here is indicated the websites where you can see the timetables:

  • Madrid – Guarda

-Bus: www.alsa.es

-Train: www.renfe.es  


  • Guarda – Covilhã:

-Bus: http://www.rede-expressos.pt/